Clutch Hails Uttu as Ecuador’s
Leading Branding Agency

At Uttu, our passion and dedication to our craft are second to none. With the recent expansion of our private office in Ecuador, our team exists to serve and help companies define their road towards success through our bespoke services and solutions. Today, we’re extremely proud to announce to all of you our newest recognition. During the esteemed Clutch Leaders Awards, Uttu was officially included in their list of top companies that deliver stellar branding services in Ecuador this 2022!

To express our gratitude and excitement, here are some words from our beloved Founders:"We're incredibly honoured to have been recognized as a Clutch leader. This award is especially rewarding to us because of the approach our company takes to all client work. Uttu takes Inspiration from Nature to build memorable brand identities and digital & physical spaces, we wish to understand our clients' needs and truly connect their service/product with the basis of life ~ nature, to manifest a more purposeful brand, able to interact with clients and potential clients in a considerate and conscious manner as we move to a future where we become more connected to an essential environmentally aware attitude.

We aim to move away from stereotypes and misconceptions. Many believe that a concept that is Inspired By Nature will result in a brand being "overwhelmingly organic", instead, we're projecting into the future as we help build brands that are sustainable and offer their clients the opportunity to become more sustainable and consume more consciously. As designers and creatives, we are aware of design's important role in our society and feel responsible for contributing to a more environmentally sustainable future.

We are part of a Design transformation that brings meaningful design to today's world, promoting physical and mental wellbeing by being more inclusive and exploring indigenous knowledge and paths to liberate design. Together with our clients, we are working to transform companies into brands of the future while using a lot of creativity and having fun in the process. Finding the true intention of their product/service and aligning it with their audiences through appropriate strategies and visual identity translates into a fully working brand that can communicate coherently throughout their applications and brand collaterals, digitally and physically.

Let's create together! Fabio & Emilia, Founders of Uttu - A specialized global design consultancy."
To shed light on this award, Clutch is an independent B2B review and rating website from Washington DC. The site annually celebrates the best B2B companies that showed incredible thought leadership, ability to deliver, and commitment. It’s a huge honour for us to celebrate this momentous award with all of you today. This award goes to all our partners who believed in us. We can’t thank you enough for your trust and support.

We’re proud to be a Clutch 2022 Leader and a five-star partner!

At Uttu, we build brands with purpose, heart and soul. Work with us, start telling your story to the world. Send us a message and book a free consultation or discovery call now.

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