Clutch Hails Uttu as Ecuador’s
Leading Branding Agency

In the vibrant landscape of Ecuador, Uttu stands tall as the premier branding agency, and our commitment to excellence has recently been acknowledged in a significant way. The expansion of our private office is a testament to our unwavering passion for our craft. Uttu is more than a team; we are dedicated partners on a mission to guide companies on their journey to success through bespoke services and innovative solutions.

Today, we are thrilled to share a moment of pride with all of you – Uttu has been officially recognised in the prestigious Clutch Leaders Awards as one of the top companies delivering exceptional branding services in Ecuador for 2022!
In the words of our esteemed Founders, Fabio and Emilia: "Being acknowledged as a Clutch leader is an incredible honour for us. This recognition holds special significance because of our unique approach at Uttu. Drawing inspiration from nature, we craft brand identities and digital & physical spaces that not only meet our clients' needs but also connect their services/products with the essence of life – nature. Our vision is to create purposeful brands that interact with clients in a conscientious manner, paving the way for a future where environmental awareness is integral.

Our goal extends beyond dispelling stereotypes; Inspired By Nature doesn’t mean overwhelmingly organic. Instead, we envision brands that are sustainable and empower clients to embrace conscious consumption. As designers, we understand the pivotal role design plays in society, and we feel a responsibility to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable future.

Uttu is part of a design transformation that champions meaningful design, promoting physical and mental wellbeing. We embrace inclusivity, explore indigenous knowledge, and liberate design. Collaborating with our clients, we are on a mission to transform companies into the brands of the future. Aligning product/service intentions with audiences through strategic and visually impactful identities results in fully functional brands across digital and physical realms.

Join us in this creative journey! Fabio & Emilia, Founders of Uttu - A specialized global design consultancy."

This accolade from Clutch, an independent B2B review and rating website based in Washington DC, adds another layer of pride to our journey. The annual celebration of outstanding B2B companies recognizes thought leadership, delivery capability, and commitment. This award is not just ours; it belongs to all our partners who believed in Uttu. Your trust and support are invaluable, and we express our deepest gratitude.

We proudly stand as a Clutch 2022 Leader and a five-star partner! Uttu is more than a brand-building agency; we infuse purpose, heart, and soul into every project. Work with us to narrate your story to the world. Send us a message, and let’s embark on this creative journey together. Book a free consultation or discovery call now.